To help our communities ensure that testing demands are met, and to assist travelers to be able to reach their destinations safely, we offer COVID-19 Point of Care RT-PCR and NAAT/Molecular viral testing done in-house, which mean we have more control over the processing and turnaround time.

Our testing is drive-through, and upon arrival you will text us at (860) 469-5646 and let us know you have arrived for testing. We offer several testing options listed below to make your experience easy.

We are an out of network provider. Testing service cost must be paid at the time of registration (unless arrangements have been made to cover testing cost through an agreement with employer and 4 Elements Direct Primary Care). We will provide you a receipt along with your lab report with codes for you to submit to your insurance. Reimbursement is not guaranteed and is at the discretion of your insurance. See FAQs and Terms of Service below.

NAAT/Molecular Test - Standard | $85

Our fee includes:

RT-PCR Test - Standard | $125

Our fee includes:

NAAT/Molecular Test - Premium | $260

Our fee includes:

Call or Text the office (860) 469-5646 to book.

RT-PCR Test - Premium | $300

Our fee includes:

Call or Text the office (860) 469-5646 to book.

Employer-Based Testing

If you are an employer in town looking to get our staff tested, we can make arrangements for a partnership for testing. Please reach out to us.

While the Families First Coronavirus Response Act passed by congress on March 18, 2020 attempted to provide “free” testing, the way they set this up is that insurance companies must pay for testing. As you all are aware, we do not bill any insurers for our services or submit any claims, and we do not participate in Medicare or Medicaid programs. Because of the cost of supplies, labor, and the risk associated with testing, there is a fee for testing from 4EDPC that will be charged when you book your Point-of-Care COVID-19 testing.

Testing services purchased are solely your financial responsibility. Payment is required at the time of booking. We will provide a generic receipt for the service but do not provide specific diagnosis or billing codes which are typically used for insurance claims. We offer the option of sending the test sample to a commercial lab only for our established primary care patients only, the cost of which is already included as part of their monthly membership fee. If you have an HSA or FSA, you may consider using that for the cost of the test.

Per KFF:

“The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, enacted on March 27, 2020, expanded protections by requiring private plans to also fully cover out-of-network tests. The CARES Act requires health plans to reimburse out-of-network COVID-19 test claims at up to the cash price that the provider has posted on a public web site….The CARES Act also does not prohibit out-of-network providers from billing patients directly for the COVID-19 test…when providers charge cash up front, it falls to the patient to submit the bill to the health plan for reimbursement.”

You will pick a time window for testing at the clinic. This testing requires a lengthy set-up for us, so unfortunately, we cannot be that flexible. If you arrive late, you may miss your appointment. If you cannot make your scheduled date and time, please call us to reschedule at least 3 hours before your appointment to reschedule for a later date/time.

4EDPC’s parking lot at 1199 Sullivan Ave, Suite A, South Windsor, CT 06074. Park in a parking spot on arrival. Remain in your vehicle and call us when you arrive (860-469-5646); we will greet you ASAP.

You must present a government-issued ID to be tested. You may also want to bring a tissue, as things can get a bit messy.

Specimen collection will most likely be done by nasopharyngeal or anterior nares swab.This is essentially an elongated q-tip that we insert through each nostril and use to swab the back of the oropharynx. We may also provide you the option of self-swabbing.

If you have chosen the point-of-care RT-PCR testing, these will be done in the office. Reporting times are based upon the package you have chosen. You will receive a message through our patient portal with your test results, and any next steps.


Terms of Service: I consent to, acknowledge, and understand that my COVID-19 RT-PCR test or COVID-19 NAAT Molecular test (“Test”) will require the collection of an appropriate sample by my healthcare provider through a nasopharyngeal swab, oral swab, or other recommended collection procedures. The test has been authorized by the FDA under an Emergency Use Authorization. I understand that there are risks and benefits associated with undergoing a test for COVID-19 and there may be a potential for false positive or false negative test results. I understand that there is a possibility of error and that a negative result does not exclude the possibility of COVID-19 and additional tests may be required since SARS-CoV-2 RNA was not present in my specimen above the limit of detection. I relinquish 4 Elements Direct Primary Care from any and all injury, physical or psychological, which might arise from collecting and testing these specimens and from any effects or actions that the results of these tests may have on me or any other concerned individual. This agreement for testing is subject to and shall be enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Connecticut. I assume complete and full responsibility to take appropriate action with regards to my test results. Should I have question or concerns regarding my results, or a worsening of my condition, I shall promptly seek advice and treatment from an appropriate medical provider. I furthermore understand that this test is a one-time occurrence and by obtaining this test, this visit in and of itself it does not establish an ongoing doctor-patient relationship, and I will seek subsequent medical care with my primary care provider, an urgent care center, or the emergency department at a local hospital.


Payment Policy: 4 Elements Direct Primary Care LLC (4E DPC) does not accept insurance for the test., and does not participate in Medicare or Medicaid programs. Testing services purchased through this website are solely my financial responsibility. Payment is required at time of booking. 4E DPC does not submit any claims directly to insurance, but they can provide itemized receipts 1-day after my test, with all appropriate codes and information needed for an easy submission experience. For medical claims, I must contact my insurance carrier for a claim form. 4 Elements Direct Primary Care will provide me with a receipt with information that will be helpful to me in submitting my claim. Reimbursements are at the discretion of my insurance carrier. Per the Medicare Opt-Out Agreement below, Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries are not eligible to submit claims for reimbursement.

4 Elements Direct Primary Care LLC does not guarantee insurance reimbursement, and only provides one standardized form of receipt. I will be sure to check my out-of-network benefits summary or call my insurance company directly to verify my coverage and benefits for out of network COVID-19 testing. If I am filing an insurance claim, I will ensure that my insurance company is instructed to pay me directly. Should 4E DPC receive a check on my behalf, it will be returned and the check will have to be reissued to me by my insurance company.

Test Result and Consent to Disclose: I understand that 4 Elements Direct Primary Care LLC may release my test results to my primary care medical provider as noted below in this form without needing any additional release document. I understand that 4E DPC reserves the right to provide identified or in some cases de-identified information of statistical nature to Government agencies and reserves the right to use such anonymous information for validation and research purposes. By signing below, I consent to the disclosure of COVID Test to public health authorities as requested, recommended or required by federal, state, and local public health authorities.

Disclaimer to Treat: 4 Elements Direct Primary Care LLC has been engaged for the sole limited purpose of providing a Test and disclaims any obligation to treat me or provide me with any medical care. I have the right to discuss the Test with my own physician, to learn about the purpose, potential risks and benefits of any testing. Based upon my test results, I will contact my physician or other medical professional for advice and medical care.

Waiver of Liability and Indemnification: By signing below, I, on behalf of myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, assigns, or personal representatives agree to forever release and waive any claim arising from my selection to receive this Test or the disclosure of my test results that may arise against 4 Elements Direct Primary Care LLC and their affiliates, managers, members, agents, staff, heirs, representatives, predecessors, successors and assigns. Additionally, I agree to forever release and waive any claim that might arise against Everpoint and staff members for any risks, side effects, or complications resulting from the Test or the disclosure of my test results. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless 4 Elements Direct Primary Care LLC and their affiliates, managers, members, agents, staff, heirs, representatives, predecessors, successors and assigns against any and all claims, suits, or actions of any kind whatsoever for liability, damages, compensation, or otherwise brought by me or anyone on my behalf, including attorney’s fees and any related costs, if litigation arises pursuant to any claims made by me or by anyone else acting on my behalf.

Medicare Opt-Out Agreement: The Balanced Budget Act of 1997 allows physicians to “opt out” of Medicare and enter into private contracts with patients who are Medicare beneficiaries. In order to opt out, physicians are required to file an affidavit with each Medicare carrier that has jurisdiction over claims that they have filed (or that would have jurisdiction over claims had the physicians not opted out of Medicare). In essence, the physician must agree not to submit any Medicare claims nor receive any payment from Medicare for items or services provided to any Medicare beneficiary for two years. This Agreement between 4 Elements Direct Primary Care (“4EDPC”) and me is intended to be the agreement physicians are required to have with Medicare beneficiaries when physicians opt-out of Medicare. This Agreement is limited to the financial agreement between 4E DPC and Patient and is not intended to obligate either party to a specific course or duration of treatment. I understand that 4E DPC and its Physicians have not been excluded from participation under the Medicare program under section 1128, 1156, 1892, or any other sections of the Social Security Act.
As part of this agreement, 4E DPC agrees to the following:
• 4E DPC agrees to provide Patient such treatment as may be mutually agreed upon and at mutually agreed upon fees.
• 4E DPC agrees not to submit any claims under the Medicare program for any items or services, even if such items or services
are otherwise covered by Medicare
• 4E DPC agrees not to execute this contract at a time when Patient is facing an emergency or urgent healthcare situation.
• 4E DPC agrees to provide Patient with a signed copy of this document before items or services are furnished to Medicare
beneficiary under its terms.
• 4E DPC also agrees to retain a copy of this document for the duration of the opt-out period.
• 4E DPC agrees to submit copies of this contract to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) upon the request
of CMS.
• Patient agrees to pay for all items or services furnished by 4E DPC and understands that no reimbursement will be provided
under the Medicare program for such items or services.
As part of this agreement, I agree to the following:
• I understand that no limits under the Medicare program apply to amounts that may be charged by 4E DPC for such items
or services.
• I agree not to submit a claim to Medicare and not to ask 4E DPC to submit a claim to Medicare.
• I understand that Medicare payment will not be made for any items or services furnished by 4E DPC that otherwise would
have been covered by Medicare if there were no private contract and a proper Medicare claim had been submitted.
• I understand that I have the right to obtain Medicare-covered items and services from physicians and practitioners who
have not opted out of Medicare, and that I am not compelled to enter into private contracts that apply to other Medicare-
covered items and services furnished by other physicians or practitioners who have not opted out of Medicare.
• I understand that Medigap plans (under section 1882 of the Social Security Act) do not, and other supplemental insurance
plans may elect not to, make payments for such items and services not paid for by Medicare.
• I understand that CMS has the right to obtain copies of this contract upon request.