DOT Commercial Driver License Medical Examination

Dr. Kainkaryam is a Certified Medical Examiner by the FMCSA for examinations for Commercial Driver’s Licenses.  

1. Please ensure you complete your registration online.  Text the office to ask at (860) 469-5646.

2. Avoid caffeine and other foods such as high sodium that elevate blood pressure.

3. Bring a list of your medications and medical history.

4. Use personal time to de-stress before your exam.

5. Bring prescription glasses, contacts or hearing aids if you’re required to wear them for driving.

6. Drink plenty of water so that we can do your urine sample.

7. Arrive 15 minutes early to complete your paperwork.

8. Bring a credit card to make a $99 payment.  If your employer is paying on your behalf, your employer must discuss with Dr. Kainkaryam the invoicing process.